The best safety product to baby-proof cupboards, drawers, cabinets, refrigerators, etc.


Baby proofing kit

One of the greatest concerns moms and dads can have is keeping their babies safe. With so much risks in present-day world, you can easily disregard the risks within your own residence. Whether your kid is running or crawling, the experts can give a few tips on how to best childproof your home:

  • Baby-Proofing latches and locks - invest in these for drawers and cabinets that contain dangerous or breakable subjects. You can likewise use them to lock doors, dressers, ovens, cupboards, refrigerator, toilet seat, closets, windows and appliances. Experts advise Oxlay's Baby Proofing Cabinet Locks, the No.1 baby safety product on the market.
  • Always set the temperature of hot water heaters at no more than 120 degrees Fahrenheit to scale down the chance of a burn.
  • The wet surface of a bathtub is quite insecure, specifically for toddlers who are ordinarily very active. To eliminate injuries, it is recommended to stick some bathtub non-slip appliques.
  • Go for cushioned faucet guard to avoid head bumps!
  • Go for toilet latches or locks - for young ones are top heavy and thereby can easily drown.
  • Try to always keep all cosmetics, razors, mouthwash, medications, etc. securely out of reach.

  • baby proofing kit

  • Pay attention to electric outlet covers. Don't let your toddlers get zapped.
  • It would be better for you to move away or tape down loose mats.
  • Consider cushioned corner covers - for countertops, tables and other edges.
  • Cord shorteners can be used with electric cords and blinds to preclude twisting, tripping or strangling.
  • Pick gates - for use around balconies or stairs, or other places of caution.
  • Keep fragile things such as fougeres and plates in locked cabinetry or out of babies' reach.
  • It is critical to keep knives and sharp objects in closed drawers.
  • Select the appropriate window guards, yet take into account that they should be loose enough for older kids to remove them in case of an emergency.

You may use the Internet to find baby proofing kit and anything else you like. Learn more concerning child safety here.

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