The best safety product to baby-proof cupboards, drawers, cabinets, refrigerators, etc.



Each family has its childproofing blunders. Generally everything is okay, still the stakes are undoubtedly too high.

The baby-proofing specialists underline one advice: provided that you get your child proofing advice from relatives, don't trust all you hear.

The reason is that childproofing has changed of late, either in the products offered or in the home risks moms confront. In this way, families with older kids will suggest outdated strategies.

Your young one cannot realize what's safe and what's not. Before your baby is born, figure to yourself the biggest home threats for toddlers. And before your child starts walking, figure to yourself when and where to place child safety products and which versions are ideal.

Here are some hints concerning child proofing your living space:

  • Find baby proofing cabinet locks to secure doors, drawers, refrigerators, ovens, closets, cupboards, toilet, cabinets, windows and various appliances. One of the best alternatives on sale currently is Oxlay's Baby-Proofing Latches which can be found in Oxlay's online store. They are made from premium materials, durable yet flexible, and are available in several colors to better match different cabinets.
  • No matter if you wash your infant in a baby bath, a sink, or a usual tub, do not leave him or her alone for a moment.
  • Secure unstable or tall cabinetry, especially including flat-screen TV, to the wall. This is important if you live in an earthquake-prone area or have other young ones who are climbers.
  • Remove pieces e.g. ceramic figurines or picture frames away from the crib and changing table so they are unable to unwittingly fall on your baby.
  • As you have a toddler in your arms, a simple lapse or fall can be catastrophic. To avert falls, install lots of nightlights, put carpet grips beneath your rugs, keep clutter off the floor, install or inspect stair railings.
  • The specialists agree that it is better to keep the crib and changing table away from windows, window cords, hanging mobiles to prevent your young one from getting tangled, suffocating, or falling out the window.

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You can use the Internet to find childproofing and anything else you want. Here you will read more info relative to child safety.

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